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Ghars International School is the brainchild of two academician that have worked with children for over 20 years. Mrs. Muna Burhama and Dr.Talla Al-Deehani, who wanted to bring the best in education from England to Oman. After much contemplation and research G.I.S came into being. It is a venture that evolved from a love of children and an aim to provide the best in education intermingled with fun! Our philosophy at G.I.S. is that children learn through hands-on experimentation with their environment. Children are intrinsically motivated and are stimulated by new experiences. A child learns by repetition and through feedback from self and others. We encourage children to think of creative solutions independently or in collaboration with others. We believe there is no correct way of using materials and we encourage new approaches through process-oriented teaching. Our goals are for children to take initiative as they make choices, learn, play constructively and share their ideas with others. We acknowledge what the children are doing as we give language to the concepts they are experimenting with.  Children learn problem solving skills through constructive play and learn how to deal with conflicts through our UNICEF approved behavior management program. Students gain self- confidence as they share their positive experiences with peers and teachers. Come join us in our journey of making history in teaching and learning! 

Muna Burhama Dr.Talla Al-Deehani Owners and General Managers – Ghars International School

We passionately believe that all children have the right to a good education which includes being able to learn, have fun and build friendships which last. Therefore we aim to bring to you a unique school which embodies an ethos of excellence both in the academic and personal development of all our students.


Our purpose is to develop bright, innovative and compassionate individuals who are able to succeed anywhere in the world and have a drive to make a positive change.

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