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Primary is the five years of education. Students are placed in classes depending on age.

This Key Stage upholds and promotes the Mission Statement of Ghars International School.

Primary Curriculum


We offer an International Curriculum based on the English National Curriculum which is a balanced curriculum including the following subjects:

Numeracy, Literacy, Science, Information Communications Technology, History, Geography, Art, Physical Education, Arabic, Islamic Studies and Personal Social and Health Education.

Within the curriculum areas, we ensure that we:

  • Provide a wide variety of educational opportunities.

  • Offer challenges, enjoyment and success in the pupil's work.

  • Plan breadth and balance of curriculum.

  • Provide equal access and opportunity.

  • Provide a curriculum that will be well-matched to the student's needs.

  • Will show differentiation, progression and continuity in learning.

  • Will provide a curriculum relevant to society today.

  • Teach how to learn (i.e. processes, not just acquisition of knowledge).

  • Complete curriculum documentation is available at the school in the Key Stage 1 Curriculum Booklet.


In addition to the curriculum, we aim to develop confidence, independence,

self-discipline and positive working, and social relationships.

Key Stage 1 aims to:

  • Develop awareness in students of their own value as an individual and as a member of the community.

  • Help students develop lively inquiring minds, the ability to question and to apply themselves to tasks and physical skills.

  • Inspire confidence in students to acquire basic skills, knowledge and concepts, where possible through first-hand experience.

  • Instill respect for religious and moral values and to help students to value and be sensitive towards others.

  • Help students to understand and appreciate the world in which we live.

  • Create lifelong learners.

  • Create a stimulating and effective learning environment for all the students entrusted into our care.

  • Promote a good working environment for students, teachers, non-teaching staff and parents.

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