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Key Stage 2


  • In Key Stage 2, children continue to follow the Talk for Write scheme of work in English. As in Key Stage 1, this exposes them to numerous different writing styles, new vocabulary and grammar, as well as how best to apply this in their own independent work. While doing so, different objectives from the British national curriculum related to grammar, reading, spelling and writing are taught and met. 


  • In Maths, children continue to follow the White Rose approved list of objectives approved by the British curriculum. To ensure the children understand the methodology behind their learning as well as the arithmetic itself, Maths is first taught using concrete manipulatives, before then progressing onto pictorial and concrete methods. Lessons are always differentiated, meaning that each child can progress at their own pace and all learning needs in each class are met.


  • The most significant change for students when they reach Grade 3 comes in the approach to Guided Reading. Guided Reading in Key Stage 2 consists of each year group reading a selection of books as a whole class. Each book has been approved as suitable for the British curriculum and exposes children to a range of texts and new vocabulary, which in turn will improve their reading, speaking and writing skills. Children's understanding and comprehension of these texts is tested, consolidated and improved by the use of VIPERS question stems, which allow children to develop numerous different approaches towards reading, discussing and writing about a text. The reading and comprehension is then supplemented by the use of different drama and role play activities, which allow children to put their new vocabulary and comprehension skills into practice in a fun and engaging way. The 2022-23 academic year is the first year this has been implemented at our school, with very encouraging results.


  • Other lessons taught by our English teachers in Key Stage 2 include Science, Art, ICT, PE and Life Skills. Once again, British objectives are worked towards in each of these classes, with our teachers using a range of methodologies and strategies to bring lessons to life. Such a varied curriculum in Key Stage 2 ensures that by the time our students are ready to leave Grade 5, they do so as well-rounded individuals.


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