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Ghars International School is the brainchild of two academician that have worked with children for over 20 years. Mrs. Muna Burhama and Dr.Talla Al-Deehani, who wanted to bring the best in education from England to Oman. After much contemplation and research G.I.S came into being. It is a venture that evolved from a love of children and an aim to provide the best in education intermingled with fun!

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Taking care of your child

Extensive knowledge base for a child

The curriculum of schools is drawn by the educational boards or central society. Before setting a curriculum, the needs of students and all other feasibilities are considered. At the primary school level, the curriculum aims at providing every child an equal opportunity to excel by making them study the same subjects. However, in high school, students can make their own decisions in choosing their discipline. So, the development of the student is more focused and rampant in high-school.

A developed child is our mission

We passionately believe that all children have the right to a good education which includes being able to learn, have fun and build friendships which last. Therefore we aim to bring to you a unique school which embodies an ethos of excellence both in the academic and personal development of all our students.

  • 15 Years of work
  • 10 Teachers
  • Official education
  • 5 Classrooms

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Taking care of your child

Our teachers

Our dedicated teachers are a major factor in the success of Ghars International School. Our Teachers are drawn to the Ghars International School because of our robust model that emphasizes project-based learning, art and technology and a supportive environment in which everyone is accountable for helping students reach the goal!