How can parents realistically “push limits” when trying to provide their children with the best possible supports and learning opportunities? A lake, mountain, or desert may not be accessible. What resources can parents seek and find? What learning experiences can they offer that might be a suitable match for their child’s learning needs? What’s practical? What motivates mind, body, and spirit? What fits the family dynamic? What compromises are necessary? These are all legitimate questions, and each is worth pondering.

Parents who are tenacious are well positioned to share a valuable lesson with their kids. That’s because tenacity propels advancement. It’s an accelerant for the pursuit of wonderment and productivity. Tenacity is that dogged determination that fuels “wanting to know.” And, tenacity aligns with purpose, which in turn activates momentum.

Parents can teach kids about tenacity, including how to moderate it so that it’s not too forceful, but rather so it’s motivating and encouraging. Tenacity has advantages. For example, it’s enabling. It can prevent lost opportunities. It builds character. It helps kids learn to take responsibility for their choices, consequences, actions, and outcomes.

Tenacity involves participation and commitment. Parents can model this by showing resolve, resilience, and perseverance—and by going beyond the status quo (or what’s convenient) as they support children’s learning. It helps if parents appreciate that what’s inopportune may ultimately be more opportune in the whole scheme of things!

Most importantly, show children that you’re tenacious, too, and that you’ll support them as they continue to broaden their experiences and advance their learning in myriad and exciting ways.

We at Ghares International School are with you in this journey!